Syringe Access

Syringe Access Programs

The LESHRC Syringe Access Program is at the core of our work.  By anonymously registering with LESHRC, participants can access sterile syringes, free of cost, in addition to other harm reduction supplies, including sterile injecting equipment, abscess prevention and care materials, and safer sex supplies.  

These services are provided at our 25 Allen Street location and in community settings.  

Storefront Syringe Exchange 

At our Storefront on 25 Allen Street, participants can safely and anonymously access syringe exchange services on a drop-in basis.   LESHRC staff, peers, and volunteers are available for counseling and referrals to substance use services, medical care, case management, and mental health services.   

All services are provided non-judgementally, with respect, care and compassion.  

Our Storefront Syringe Exchange Hours are:

Monday – Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday : 10am - 5pm

For more information about the Storefront Syringe Exchange,  please contact Tom Smith at (212) 226-6333 ext. 113 or email

Community Outreach

Street outreach, or “Walkabout,” keeps us connected to the community and meet people where they are at.

We visit specific locations on the Lower East Side and our staff and volunteers provide services and resources including syringe exchange, hygiene and safer sex supplies,education, and referrals to care.  

In addition, we participate in a number of community events, such as health fairs, testing events, the Heritage of Pride celebrations and much more.  

For more information about Community Outreach services, please contact Kacey Byczek at (212) 226-6333 ext. 103 or email

Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange

LESHRC is proud to be a pioneer in Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange. This initiative empowers participants of our program to engage hard-to-reach and underserved populations and conduct syringe exchange within their own social networks and communities.

For more about the Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange Program please contact Tom Smith at (212) 226-6333 ext. 113 or email



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NYC Dept of Health: Find a Syringe Exchange Site by You (PDF)30.05 KB
Harm Reduction Coalition: Getting Off Right: A Safety Manual for Injecting Drug Users (PDF)2.81 MB
Harm Reduction Coalition: H is for Heroin: An account of the drugs risks, dangers, and negative effects (PDF)4.22 MB