Positive Action Peer Education Program

Since 1995, LESHRC's Positive Action Peer Education Program has trained over 200 participants for employment or volunteer work in the community.  This program prepares participants for work opportunities they might not have had otherwise.  As a direct result of the program, many graduates are now employed full time in various social service organizations. Our current instantiation of PAPEP incorporates much of the curriculum of the SHIELD (Self-Help in Eliminating Life-Threatening Diseases) Evidence Based Intervention.

We currently have three cycles per year.  Each cycle consist of three meetings per week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) for twelve weeks.  This comprehensive and intense program educates participants on the principles of harm reduction including how to conduct outreach and community organizing and how to educate others about the prevention and treatment of HIV and hepatitis.

If you are interested in this educational program, please contact Floyd Mitchell at (212) 226-6333 ext. 116 or email floyd@leshrc.org