Health Services

LESHRC offers an array of health services to our participants.  These services include abscess care, urgent care, immunizations, physical examinations, HIV testing and counseling, Hepatitis C testing and counseling, and connection to primary medical care.  Peer navigators help support participants by providing escort and accompaniment to ensure better access to medical care.

These services are provided at our 25 Allen Street location free of charge.  

Our current Health Services hours are:

  • Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations & Flu ShotsWednesday 2 PM - 4PM
  • Ryan Nena Mobile Medical ServicesThursday 10 AM - 3PM
  • Health WorkshopFriday 3 - 4PM

If you are interested in more information about our health services, please contact Noah Heau at (212) 226-6333 ext. 119 or email

Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations & Flu Shots, Wednesday 2 PM - 4PM

In collaboration with New York University School of Medicine, NYU medical students and LESHRC run a Hepatitis Care Clinic every Wednesday from 3pm – 4pm, providing Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations, flu shots, and other screening and referral services for medical care.  

Ryan Nena Mobile Medical Services, Thursday 10 AM - 3PM


In collaboration with the Ryan Nena Community Health Center, LESHRC hosts the Ryan Nena Mobile Medical Unit on Thursdays to provide access to access primary care including medical checkups, STI screening, wound and abscess care, diabetes management, high blood pressure management, cholesterol management, and urgent care.

Peer navigators help facilitate the process of coordinating care, and all services are available in Spanish as well as English.  LESHRC participants who register with the Ryan Nena medical unit will then be able to access medical care at any of the five Ryan Centers in New York City.

Health Workshop, Friday 3 - 4PM


LESHRC peers and volunteers facilitate a Health Workshop on Fridays at 3PM. Topics include vein care,  hepatitis, high blood bressure, diabetes, and other health issues identified by participants.