Groups and Workshops - Community Services

Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center offers various groups and workshops to our participants.  These groups and workshops are a valuable source of information and help our participants engage in other services.

The current groups offered at LESHRC are:

Harm Reduction Group: A weekly group that discusses strategies to include or introduce harm reduction in everyday life.

Health Workshop:  This weekly presentation is open to all participants and covers a wide range of health-related topics including chronic conditions such as diabetes and high-blood pressure and communicable diseases like HIV and STD’s.  Participants who attend this workshop acquire information helpful in making informed decisions about their own health.

Hepatitis Workshop:  This weekly presentation is open to all participants whether living with or at risk of HCV infection, and is intended to increase general knowledge of Hepatitis C, other forms of Hepatitis and related conditions.  

Housing Workshop:  This workshop focuses on housing procedures and the steps to receiving permanent housing.

Men’s Group:  This group focuses on issues concerning men, such as men’s health, being men of color, and any other issues of interest.  Often guest speakers are invited to speak on a variety of topics to empower and inform.

Participant Advisory Group:  This group is responsible for identifying potential issues posed by the participants regarding Syringe Exchange and proposing solutions to these issues.

Transgender Advocacy Group:  This group is designed for Transgender-identified people, with a goal of advocacy, mental health, and self empowerment.

Women’s Group:  This group focuses on helping group members build relationships with each other and through these relationships access support in dealing with specific life stressors unique to women.  Women participate in group discussions of current and past issues, art therapy, and group outings.

A Road Not Taken:  LESHRC partners with NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene to discuss Harm Reduction strategies such as Overdose Prevention, HIV/AIDS Testing and Viral Hepatitis prevention.

For a current schedule of Groups and Workshops, check out our Activity Calendar below.

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