Drop-In Space

Our Drop-In Center is a relaxing and safe environment for our participants which was created by and for our diverse membership. This communal space also serves as a place where we can engage with our participants. A wide range of activities are offered on a scheduled basis, including the Participant Advisory Board, educational groups, such as the "User’s Advocacy Series", use of a bank of computers with internet connection enabling social networking via Facebook, the PLWHA (People Living With HIV and AIDS) Advisory Board, and small group seating. This is also a space where our participants can get coffee, tea, or snacks, or take part in a community meal.

The Drop-In Center can be used by all of our participants, whether they are accessing syringe exchange services only, or whether they are accessing higher threshold services as well. In fact, the Drop-In center is a space where our staff can engage participants; it often serves as a tool which guides our syringe exchange clients to access higher threshold services such as resource counseling, mental health services, etc.